IMG_4354 IMG_1883 Centralna bolja 13072011013 2009-05-06 17-15-49 (4) 10,5 m wide 2
IMG_4354 IMG_1883 Centralna bolja 13072011013 2009-05-06 17-15-49 (4) 10,5 m wide 2

Oversized transport


The oversized & heavy transports on internal and international routes, with different types of trailers and tractors is the Holleman’s core business for more than 5 years on the serbian market. We have the necessary equipment, knowledge and human resources and thus, we are able to offer transportation of very heavy and over-dimensioned loads, using […]

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Holleman is specialist in industrial relocations, industrial handling and installation, the specific processes to these activities being: • collecting first information from the client; • inspecting the place of the future project; • conceiving the manner of approach of the project and submitting the offer; • planning the necessary staff and equipment; • coordination of […]

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We have excellent cooperation with the companies that have auto-cranes with high-capacity. Through a lease of cranes we provide an optimal solution for the treatment of industrial equipment, petrochemical equipment, or equipment for thermal power plants and hydro power plants. At the request of the client, we can offer and arrange pick-up and shift the […]

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Wind turbines installations


The installation of wind turbines is a complex activity, the process of installation of all parts requiring a maximum expertise and control. Consequently, Holleman sent to Denmark and Germany a significant number of technicians to get trained and authorized within Global Wind Organization training programs, for different qualifications (mechanic, electric etc.). They also followed the […]

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