One of the most important resource that has contributed significantly to all of our achievements is our team of professionals who are dedicated to daily business and are passionate in everything we do . Because the success of our employees is a step forward , we are constantly investing in knowledge and development programs .
Holleman is a team of people with extensive experience in the field of transport, which have the necessary certificates and qualifications . For new employees, we provide a comprehensive range of theoretical and practical training .
In the case of purchase of new equipment , we have the support of our partners from Germany, who provide us with the necessary resources , experts and documentation .
Holleman team from Serbia and other countries in our network – Romania , Bulgaria, Ukraine , Moldova and Hungary – is constantly available and ready to respond to any request .
If you want to join Holleman team, to be part of our philosophy and if you share the same passion for this type of transport, please send your CV to . Your data will be registered in our database and in case of open working place that correspond to your profile , our human resources department will contact you .