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In wind turbines transportation sector, Holleman has strong abilities to organize all necessary services in the Black Sea and Danube Ports: transshipment, local shifting of the wind mills components, storage. From ports, all routes to potential wind mills parks are well known to us. Holleman can organize and administrate storage areas: secured, fenced, illuminated, water and power supply.
Most of the wind turbines components come to our area from West Europe. There, our German partner, P. Schwandner Transport +Logistik GmbH, has the capacity to transport the components to a Rhein or Danube port. The transports continue via river and here, in East Europe, Holleman starts local distribution from Danube ports such as: Budapest for Hungary, Pancevo or Smederevo for Serbia, Lom or Rousse for Bulgaria, Moldova Noua, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Oltenita, Braila, Constanta for Romania, Izmail or Odessa for Ukraine.
We know all details and have the necessary experience in wind turbines, operating in ports like Constanta, Varna, Burgas, Illichivsk, Mariupol and other smaller Ukrainian ports.
In time, Holleman invested millions of euro in wind mills projects, especially in the dedicated equipment for wind turbines: extendable trailers for blades, tower and nacelles adaptors, etc.
Holleman is the best partner chosen by the biggest wind mills manufacturers and developers for making road surveys, in countries where Holleman is present.
Knowing the dimensions and the weights of the components and the job sites locations, we are able to issue a special report on the best possible route. In case obstacles must be removed, we recommend in what extend the modifications need to be done and in the same time with minimum effort and costs.

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