Wind turbines installations

The installation of wind turbines is a complex activity, the process of installation of all parts requiring a maximum expertise and control. Consequently, Holleman sent to Denmark and Germany a significant number of technicians to get trained and authorized within Global Wind Organization training programs, for different qualifications (mechanic, electric etc.). They also followed the specific safety courses/trainings.

In the year 2012, our technicians participated in three installation projects of Siemens wind turbines, in Romania, for the erecting and preparation for commissioning of an overall number of 99 windmills. In 2013, we continued to install wind mills in Germany. This team operates based on the highest safety standards. The technicians have a good English command, too.

We are working for other manufacturers as well or in collaboration with similar companies of windmills installation.

The discipline and the desire to offer the best conditions to our clients brought us excellent results and new proposals to work in such projects.

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